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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BAV Urb. gr. 76 15th, 16th Astronomy, Engineering Cleomedes, Hesiod, Aristotle
BAV Vat. gr. 121 13th Astronomy, Romance, Geography Cleomedes, Dionysius Periegetes, George of Pisidia, Hesiod, Thomas Magister, John Tzetzes, Aratus
BAV Vat. gr. 1702 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th Astronomy, Misc., Geography Cleomedes, Dionysius Periegetes
BAV Vat. gr. 222 14th, 15th Astronomy Cleomedes, John Pediasimus
BAV Vat. gr. 223 10th, 11th, 14th Astronomy Cleomedes, Aristotle
Biblioteka Uniwersytecka R 34 15th Rhetoric, Letters, Astronomy Synesius, Nemesius, Cleomedes, Nicephorus Gregoras
BN Coislin 384 13th Philosophy, Astronomy Olympiodorus, Aristotle, Meletius Monachus, Philo, Cleomedes, Theophrastus
BN Grec 2404 16th Astronomy Cleomedes
BN Grec 2405 17th Astronomy John Pediasimus, Cleomedes
BN Grec 2406 16th Astronomy John Pediasimus, Cleomedes, Theon, Ptolemy, John of Damascus
BN Grec 2494 15th Misc., Astronomy Cleomedes, Aristotle, Aesop, Hermes, Nicephorus Blemmydes
BN Grec 2509 15th Astronomy, Alchemy Ptolemy, Maximus Planudes, Nicephorus Blemmydes, John of Damascus, Epiphanius, Cleomedes
BN Grec 2925 15th Rhetoric, Astronomy Libanius, Aphthonius, Hermogenes, Cleomedes
BN Grec 2983A 13th, 14th Astronomy Cleomedes
BN Supplément grec 1189 14th Astronomy Cleomedes
BR B.P.G. 107 14th Astronomy Cleomedes
BS Cod. graec. 337 14th Astronomy Cleomedes
BS Cod. graec. 482 13th, 14th Astronomy Cleomedes
ÖNB Hist. gr. 130 14th Romance, Medicine, Astronomy Heliodorus, Cleomedes, Pindar, Hippocrates
UB Palat. Gr. 18 14th Rhetoric Hesiod, Aeschylus, John Tzetzes, Euripides, Cleomedes, Lycophron