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Gregory Thaumaturgus

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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BAV Barb. gr. 286 Theology Gregory Thaumaturgus, Athanasius
BAV Ott. gr. 281 17th Theology Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory Thaumaturgus
BAV Ott. gr. 379 16th Theology Gregory Thaumaturgus, Demetrius Cydones
BAV Vat. gr. 1675 11th Theology Gregory Nazianzus, Gregory Thaumaturgus
Biblioteca Vallicelliana B 15 13th Theology, Letters, Islam Euthymius Zigabenus, John of Damascus, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Theodoret Bishop of Cyrrhus, Gregory Nazianzus
BML Plut. 10.01 13th Letters, Canon law, Church councils Theodore Balsamon, Basil the Great, Gregory Thaumaturgus
BN Grec 1084 11th Theology, Church councils Gregory Thaumaturgus, Anastasius Sinaita
BN Grec 1173 11th Theology, Saints lives John Chrysostom, Athanasius, Ephraem, Gregory Nazianzus, Basil the Great, Cyril of Alexandria, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Epiphanius, Gregory of Nyssa, John of Damascus
BN Grec 1176 12th Theology, Saints lives Andrew of Crete, Sophronius, John Chrysostom, Gregory of Nyssa, Methodius of Olympus, Theodore the Studite, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Cyril of Jerusalem, Flavius Josephus
BN Grec 1194 10th Theology Methodius of Olympus, Sophronius, Andrew of Crete, Gregory Thaumaturgus, John of Damascus, Ephraem
BN Grec 1215 11th Theology Andrew of Crete, John Chrysostom, Gregory Thaumaturgus, John of Damascus
BN Grec 1476 9th Theology Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, Andrew of Crete, Gregory Thaumaturgus, John of Damascus, Epiphanius
BN Grec 1751 16th Law, Letters, Saints lives, Theology Bessarion, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Cyril of Alexandria
BN Grec 2257 15th, 16th Medicine, Philosophy Hippocrates, Damascius, Galen, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Meletius Monachus, Aristotle, Theophilus Protospatharius
BN Grec 979 13th Theology John Chrysostom, Gregory Nazianzus, Anastasius Sinaita, Epiphanius, Ephraem, Gregory Thaumaturgus
BN Grec 987 16th Theology Gregory Nazianzus, John Chrysostom, Ephraem, Andrew of Crete, John of Damascus, Epiphanius, Sophronius, Gregory Thaumaturgus
BNE 8074 18th Theology Basil the Great, Gregory Thaumaturgus
BS Cod. graec. 478 12th Theology John Chrysostom, Gregory Thaumaturgus
RGB Fond 270 57 (gr. 119) 11th, 12th Theology Gregory Nazianzus, Gregory Thaumaturgus