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Maximus Planudes

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Title Century Subject theme Subject name
BN Grec 2381 15th, 16th Misc., Mathematics, Astronomy Maximus Planudes, Barlaam of Calabria
BN Grec 2382 16th Mathematics Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2485 16th Mathematics Diophantus, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2508 15th Rhetoric, Grammar Manuel Moschopoulus, Demosthenes, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2509 15th Astronomy, Alchemy Ptolemy, Maximus Planudes, Nicephorus Blemmydes, John of Damascus, Epiphanius, Cleomedes
BN Grec 2560 16th Grammar Thomas Magister, Maximus Planudes, Constantine Lascaris
BN Grec 2562 15th Grammar, Geography, Art, Rhetoric Maximus Planudes, Philostratus, Aristides, Dionysius Periegetes
BN Grec 2580 16th Grammar Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2596 15th Grammar, Rhetoric, Medicine Manuel Moschopoulus, Philostratus, Paul Silentiarios, Maximus Planudes, Hippocrates, Demosthenes
BN Grec 2606 16th Grammar Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2669 17th Lexicon, Grammar Gregory Pardus, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2676 15th Grammar, Poems Maximus Planudes, John Tzetzes
BN Grec 2782 15th Pindar, Cato, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2825 16th Aristophanes, Aesop, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2848 15th Ovid, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2899 15th Aesop, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 2900 15th Letters Aesop, Maximus Planudes, Aristotle, Plato
BN Grec 2901 16th Aesop, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 3010 14th Rhetoric, Theology, Saints lives Lucian, Flavius Josephus, Gregory of Cyprus, Maximus Planudes, Nicephoros Choumnos
BN Grec 828 15th Theology Augustine, Maximus Planudes
BN Grec 829 15th Theology Augustine, Maximus Planudes
BN Supplément grec 819 19th Mathematics Maximus Planudes
Bodleian Library Barocci 105 15th Theology Maximus Planudes
Bodleian Library Barocci 125 16th Grammar, Letters Herodian, Synesius, Maximus Planudes
Bodleian Library Barocci 159 15th Grammar, Lexicon Manuel Moschopoulus, Maximus Planudes
British Library Add MS 16409 16th Epigrammata Maximus Planudes
British Library Harley MS 5687 17th Theology Augustine, Maximus Planudes
British Library Royal MS 16 C XVIII 16th Philosophy Maximus Planudes, Aristotle
BS Cod. graec. 266 15th Cato, Maximus Planudes, Euripides, Philostratus
BS Cod. graec. 430 10th Thucydides, Maximus Planudes
BS Cod. graec. 499 15th Theology, Grammar Gregory Nazianzus, Maximus Planudes, Gregory Pardus
BS Cod. graec. 535 15th Theology Maximus Planudes, Cato, Basil the Great
Foundation Martin Bodmer Cod. 184 15th Aesop, Maximus Planudes
St. Catherine's Monastery gr. 2127 16th, 17th Theology Gregory Palamas, Gennadios II Scholarios, Symeon Metaphrastes, Maximus Planudes, Gregory of Cyprus, Symeon Archbishop of Thessaloniki