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Library Education and Training Committee

The committee seeks to serve all library staff members and encourages input from everyone. Please contact the committee if you have a suggestion for a training need or are interested in teaching a session. Send suggestions/comments to the LETC Committee.

The Library Education & Training Committee (LETC) assists in developing and marketing educational and training initiatives for library staff. The LETC also reviews attendee feedback and maintains statistical data on program attendance. A comprehensive annual report on Staffing Training and Development activities during year is prepared and sent to the University Librarian.

Committee Members

Name Title Phone
Cleeton, Christa
Special Collections Assistant IV
(609) 258-6345
Ellis, Shaun
Digital Library Collections Interface Developer
(609) 258-1698
Nero, Neil
Behavioral Sciences Librarian
(609) 258-8601
Principi, Vicki
Special Collections Assistant V
(609) 258-6941
Welber, Audrey
E-Services Librarian
(609) 258-2880


Name Title Phone Number
Stathopoulos, Karen
Senior Human Resources Manager
(609) 258-9117
Kotwal, Jasmin
Human Resources Specialist
(609) 258-5636