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Library Integrated System Steering Committee (LISSC)


Manages the ongoing administration of the Voyager Integrated Library System and Online Catalog. Implements needed changes and improvements to the system as well as testing and implementing of new software releases. 

Committee Chair

Name Title Phone Number
Bielawski, Marvin
Deputy University Librarian
(609) 258-3190

Committee Members

Name Title Phone
Bae, Peter Seangill
Circulation Services Director
(609) 258-3231
Ballard, Rochelle
Digital Resources Coordinator
(609) 258-7115
Bell, Joyce
Cataloging and Metadata Services Director
(609) 258-8625
Buser, Gary
Application Delivery Lead Analyst/ Manager II
(609) 258-1378
Eslami, Kambiz
Integrated Library System Coordinator
(609) 258-1308
Fagundus, Carol
Assistant Head, Order Division
(609) 258-5754
Gaspari-Bridges, Patty
Assistant University Librarian for Collection Development
(609) 258-5483
Heijdra, Martin
Chinese Bibliographer & Head of Public Services
(609) 258-5336
Kazmierski, John
Infrastructure Operations Analyst/Manager I
(609) 258-9653
Lute, Janet
Integrated Library System Coordinator
(609) 258-2563
Martine, Joan
Assistant Head, Circulation Division & Head Firestone Circulation Services
(609) 258-3244
Menos, Phil
Application Delivery Lead Analyst
(609) 258-5183
Pressman Levy, Nancy
Librarian for Public and International Affairs and Population Research Library
(609) 258-4782
Schulz, Rick
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services
(609) 258-5297
Thornbury, Don
Head, Technical Services for Special Collections
(609) 258-0874
Wange-Connelly, Marie
Leader, SeERM
(609) 258-2309
Wei, Iping
Head, Technical Services Section
(609) 258-3259