Judaic Studies

Core Resources

RAMBI: Index of Articles on Jewish Studies 1985+

Indexes articles in the various fields of Jewish studies and in the study of the land of Israel. Covers articles in Hebrew, Yiddish, and European languages.

Encyclopaedia Judaica

Articles on all aspects of the Jewish life, including religion, history, politics, culture, the Holocaust, Jewish arts and literature, Jews in America, and more. Composed of complete text of the 16-volume 1972 print edition, eight year books, and two decennial volumes.

Jewish Studies Source 1988+

Index and selected full text to English language Jewish studies journals, monographs, and biographies published in the United States, Canada, England, Israel, and elsewhere. 

Bar Ilan's Judaic Library

Full text of the Bible and its major commentaries, the Babylonian Talmud with Rashi's commentary and Tosafot, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, Shulchan Aruch with commentaries, Midrashim, hundreds of books of Responsa, and the Talmudic Encyclopedia.

Otzar Hachochma

Searchable digital collection of over 90,000 Judaic books, scanned page after page in their original format, encompassing all realms of Judaism from ancient times to the modern period.


Digital library of Israeli-published academic books on topics including Israel studies, Judaic studies, Jewish history, humanities, social sciences and more.

Henkind Talmud Text Databank

Includes a databank of Talmud manuscripts, fragments, and early printed editions, an index of references to scholarly and rabbinic literature dealing with specific passages in the entire Talmud and a classified list of Geniza fragments in the Jewish Theological Seminary Library

Index to Hebrew Periodicals

Indexes articles in Hebrew language periodicals and a few monographs, as well as articles in other languages dealing with all aspects of Israeli life and culture. Files which make up the database include Eretz Israel Database, Tel-Hai Index to Hebrew Newspapers, and the Bar-Ilan Indexing Project.

Supplementary Resources

Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970: The Middle East Online

Overview of the political history of the Middle East in the 20th Century, based on primary source documents from the British national archives. Documents the politics, administration, wars and diplomacy of the Palestine Mandate, the Independence of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials

Citations and many full-text articles from religion and theology journals.

Bibliography of the Hebrew Book

Comprehensive bibliography of all books printed in the Hebrew Language between 1473 and 1960. Includes over 120,000 titles and 13,500 authors.

Early Hebrew Newspapers Project. Jewish National and University Library, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Major titles of the early Hebrew press (19th and early 20th century).The project currently contains: Halevanon (1863-1886), Hamagid (1856-1903), Havazelet (1863-1911),Hazefirah (1862-1931). Produced by Hebrew University, Jewish National and University Library.

Entsiklopedyah Talmudit (Bar Ilan's Judaic library)

Contains the world's largest electronic collection of Jewish texts in Hebrew ever recorded, which embody thousands of years of Jewish learning. Includes numerous works from the Responsa Literature - rabbinic case-law rulings which represent the historical-sociological milieu of real-life situations. Includes the Bible, the Talmud and their principal commentaries; works about Jewish law and customs; major the codes of Jewish law, such as Maimonides' Mishneh Torah and the Shulchan Aruch with its principal commentaries; midrashim, Zohar, etc.

Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism

Works published throughout the world about antisemitism -- books, dissertations, master's theses, and articles from periodicals and collections.

Index of References Dealing with Talmudic Literature

Lists bibliographical references for passages in rabbinic literature and related subjects and connects them to the location within rabbinic literature to which they are related.

Jewish Encyclopedia

Complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between1901-1906

Princeton Geniza Lab

Transcriptions of documents found in the Geniza Chamber of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo. The archive is primarily based on the Taylor-Schechter Collection held at Cambridge University Library, but also includes documents from other collections.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought Library

Online collection of important works in twentieth-century Christian, Islamic, and Judaic thought.

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