Circulation Division

Trevor A. Dawes, Circulation Services Director. Contact: 609.258.3231, tdawes@Princeton.EDU.

Joan Martine, Head, Firestone Circulation Services, and Assistant Division Head. Contact: 609.258.3244, jmartine@Princeton.EDU.

About the Circulation Services Division

The Circulation Services Division is responsible for providing direct services to Library patrons. Some of the tasks performed by staff in this Division include circulating material to patrons; processing reserve items and making them available to faculty and students; and maintaining the shelving accuracy of the Firestone Library and Forrestal Annex collections. The library patron is the focus of the mission and excellent service to patrons is the goal of all Circulation Services Division activities.

There are four units within the Division that make these services possible:

Borrow Direct Services. Contact: Liza Scherff-Nesarikar, 609.258.6052, lscherff@Princeton.EDU

This unit, working with colleagues within the Princeton University Library and at the other partner institutions, is responsible for managing the processes of sending items to and receiving them from the Borrow Direct partner institutions. Items that are unavailable at Princeton may be requested via the Borrow Direct service.

Firestone Circulation Services. Contact: Joan Martine, 609.258.3244, jmartine@Princeton.EDU

This unit is responsible for the basic circulation services in the Firestone Library. Here, library patrons may charge, renew or return library material. The Circulation staff is also responsible for locating items that are reported missing from the collection, and can assist patrons with other alternatives. Items that have been requested by patrons (such as through BorrowDirect, Interlibrary Loan, from the offsite storage facilities or from a Recall) are picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Reserve/General Periodicals Services. Contact: Alexander Brown, 609.258.7080, ab@Princeton.EDU.

This unit is responsible for the receipt and processing of reserve requests from faculty and for making the requested items available to faculty and students. The Reserve/General Periodicals staff is also responsible for maintaining the current periodicals and newspaper collections in the Firestone Library.

Shelving & Annex Services
. Contact: Susan Dennis. 609.258.3225, susan@Princeton.EDU.

This unit is responsible for the timely shelving and maintenance of the collections housed in the Firestone Library and the Forrestal Library Annex. Working with the other units in the Division, and in the Library, they ensure the availability and accessibility of the library's collections.

The Circulation Services Division:

- will employ skilled and competent staff, including student assistants, to provide all our services.
- will establish policies and procedures designed to provide optimal access to the collections.
- will maintain written policies and procedures covering internal operations and activities.
- will communicate with library staff and patrons alike on circulation matters of mutual concern.

Circulation Services Division staff documentation