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ARLIS exhibition catalog best practices

Subdivision rules for Art subject headings

Art and Fine Art

SCM Memo H 1250 (Art and Fine Art) explains the basic subject heading pattern for art:

650 _0 ‡a [art form with national, regional, ethic or religious qualifier] ‡z [place of origin] ‡y [period subdivision]

650 _0 ‡a Art, French ‡z France ‡z Paris ‡y 21st century.
650 _0 ‡a Sculpture, East Asian ‡y 18th century.
650 _0 ‡a Painting, Buddhist ‡z France ‡z Paris ‡y 21st century.

H 1250 (Art and Fine Art) says this about the use of |x History with Art and Fine Art headings:

"Use the subdivision ‡xHistory only for headings assigned to general, all-inclusive items, for example, Painting‡xHistory.  Do not use ‡xHistory for materials limited to one country nor under form divisions of the type ‡Art, ‡xIllustrations, ‡xPortraits; etc.  The subdivision ‡xHistory and criticism is not used with art headings."

H 1647 (History) says this about the use of ‡xHistory with Art and Fine Art headings:

"Do not use ‡xHistory under … art genre headings qualified by names of national, ethnic, or religious groups."

Architecture and Photography

Architecture and Photography follow the standard subdivision rules for other topical headings  (see: SCM H 1647 History):

650 0 ‡a Architecture ‡z France ‡z Paris ‡x History ‡y 21st century.
[there is a heading Architecture, French, but it’s used only for French architecture in other countries or regions.]

650 0 ‡a Photography ‡z East Asia ‡x History ‡y 20th century.
650 0 ‡a Church architecture ‡z Italy ‡z Rome ‡x History ‡y 17th century.