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Books of the New Testament

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Collective headings

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The Gospels
Authorized Version and NAFGreekLatin VulgateDouai-RheimsLC classification span
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pMatthewEuangelion kata MatthaionEvangelium secundum MatthaeumGospel according to St. MatthewBS2570-2575.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pMarkEuangelion kata MarkonEvangelium secundum MarcumGospel according to St. MarkBS2580-2585.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pLukeEuangelion kata LoukanEvangelium secundum LucamGospel according to St. LukeBS2590-2595.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pJohnEuangelion kata
Evangelium secundum IohannemGospel according to St. JohnBS2610-2615.6
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The Acts of the Apostles

Authorized Version and NAFGreekLatin VulgateDouai-RheimsLC classification span
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pActsPraxeis tn ApostolnLiber Actuum ApostolorumActs of the ApostlesBS2620-2625.6
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Epistles of Paul
Authorized Version and NAFGreekLatin VulgateDouai-RheimsLC classification span
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pRomansPros RmaiousAd RomanosRomansBS2660-2665.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pCorinthians, 1stPros Korinthious 1.Ad Corinthios I1 CorinthiansBS2670-2675.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pCorinthians, 2ndPros Korinthious 2.Ad Corinthios II2 CorinthiansBS2670-2675.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pGalatiansPros GalatasAd Galatas GalatiansBS2680-2685.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pEphesiansPros EphesiousAd EphesiosEphesiansBS2690-2695.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pPhilippiansPros PhilippsiousAd PhilippensesPhilippiansBS2700-2705.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pColossiansPros KolossaeisAd ColossensesColossiansBS2710-2715.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pThessalonians, 1stPros Thessalonikeis 1.Ad Thessalonicenses I1 ThessaloniansBS2720-2725.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pThessalonians, 2ndPros Thessalonikeis 2.Ad Thessalonicenses II2 ThessaloniansBS2720-2725.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pTimothy, 1stPros Timotheon 1.Ad Timotheum I1 TimothyBS2740-2745.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pTimothy, 2ndPros Timotheon 2.Ad Timotheum II2 TimothyBS2740-2745.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pTitusPros TitonAd TitumTitusBS2750-2755.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pPhilemonPros PhilmonaAd PhilemonemColossiansBS2710-2715.6
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Authorized Version and NAFGreekLatin VulgateDouai-RheimsLC classification span
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pHebrews*Pros HebraiousAd HebraeosHebrewsBS2770-2775.6
*For a long time attributed to Paul, though not with universal agreement. It is anonymous and in the form of a treatise, not an epistle.

Catholic, or General, Epistles
Authorized Version and NAFGreekLatin VulgateDouai-RheimsLC classification span
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pJamesIakbou EpistolEpistula IacobiEpistle of St. JamesBS2780-2785.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pPeter, 1stPetrou 1.Epistula Petri I1 St. PeterBS2790-2795.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pPeter, 2ndPetrou 2.Epistula Petri II2 St. PeterBS2790-2795.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pEpistle of John, 1stIannou 1.Epistula Iohannis I1 St. JohnBS2800-2805.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pEpistle of John, 2ndIannou 2.Epistula Iohannis II2 St. JohnBS2800-2805.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pEpistle of John, 3rdIannou 3.Epistula Iohannis III3 St. JohnBS2800-2805.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pJudeIoudaEpistula IudaeSt. JudeBS2810-2815.6
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Book of Revelation
Authorized Version and NAFGreekLatin VulgateDouai-RheimsLC classification span
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pRevelationApokalypsis IannouApocalypsisApocalypse of St. John the ApostleBS2820-2825.6
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Collective headings
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pGospelsCollective heading for the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and JohnBS2549-2565.A24
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pLuke and ActsCollective heading for the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the ApostlesBS2589
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pEpistles of PaulCollective heading for Romans, 1-2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1-2 ThessaloniansBS2640-2658
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pThessaloniansCollective heading for 1-2 ThessaloniansBS2720-2725.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pTimothyCollective heading for 1-2 TimothyBS2740-2745.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pPastoral EpistlesCollective heading for 1-2 Timothy, Titus. Authorship by Paul disputed by some scholars.BS2730-2735.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pCatholic EpistlesCollective heading for the Epistles of James, 1-2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude. Named "Catholic" for their general scope and destinations. Not addressed to any particular individual or church.BS2777
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pPeterCollective heading for 1st and 2nd Epistles of PeterBS2790-2795.6
Bible.‡pN.T.‡pEpistles of JohnCollective heading for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Epistles of JohnBS2800-2805.6
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