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Manually completing the processing

245 (Title and statement of responsibility)
  • Verify that the 245 (|a :|b /|c) reflects the exact wording of the title on the title page. The information may appear in a different order from that of the title page, but it should be accurately transcribed. Make all necessary changes.

  • Punctuation and capitalization may vary, but abbreviation or substitution of words is incorrect and should be corrected.

  • If there is a word or phrase on the title page introducing the statement of responsibility (by, edited by, sponsored by, etc.) it should appear in the |c on the copy. If there is no such phrase, there should be none on the copy.

  • Titles of address associated with the name of the author, editor, etc. are generally omitted, except for British titles of nobility and phrases like Jr., John Doe, III, etc.