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Fixed fields

Bibliographic section
  260 / 263
  4xx / 8xx

Macro to complete processing

Manually completing the processing

260 (Place of publication, publisher, and date)

Abbreviations and omissions are acceptable, but conflicting data (i.e. data appearing on the copy which is not present in some form on the book) is not.

General rule for recording place and publisher (|a and |b)

1st place of publication and first publisher are always recorded.

|a U.S. place :|b Publisher,

If the first place of publication is not in the United States, also record the 1st U.S. place and publisher.

|a Foreign place ; |a U.S. Place : |b Publisher,

|a Foreign place : |b Foreign Publisher ; |a U.S. place : |b U.S. publisher,

Date of publication:

You may accept the copy as matching if the date of publication varies by one year either way from the book in hand. Use the copy and update the date (remember to adjust both the 260 date and the fixed field date).

Set the book aside for consultation if the variation is greater than one year.

Be careful to include "c" for copyright dates.
Chicago, Ill. : |b American Library Association, |c 1993.
Chicago, Ill. : |b American Library Association, |c c1992.

263 (CIP proposed publication date)

Delete this field.