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LC CIP records

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Fixed fields

Bibliographic section
  260 / 263
  4xx / 8xx

Macro to complete processing

Manually completing the processing

Completing processing on LC copy or LC CIP without using the macro

Once the bibliographic information has been checked according to current guidelines:

  1. Create a 902 field using the macro.

  2. Click on the "System" tab and click the "OK to Export" box. This is very important. It identifies the record for output to RLIN and OCLC.

  3. Holding record (retrieve the holdings for books originally in Voyager, or create a new holdings for newly-imported records)

    852 field

    • The first indicator for the 852 should be "0" for an LC call number, and 8 or a Richardson or an accession number.

    • 852 |b contains the location. It is case sensitive and must be in lower case.

    • If the book is oversize, "|c Oversize" follows the location. (Remember to add the correct size symbol at the end of the call number.

    • |h contains the call number. The cutter and date for the call number are in |i. When working with imported records the call number will prompt into the 852 field. If you are working on a record that was in Voyager and overlaid, you must copy the call number into the holdings record by using Ctrl+n.

    • Certain call number ranges require a location change. Consult the list.

    • If the series decision was CAS, do not use the LC call number. Use the call number given in the series authority record instead.

    • If the series decision is "Numbered series" but the LC call number contains a volume number at the end of the call number indicating it is a CAS, use the alternate LC call number (the second |a in the 050). Consult the LC trainer for cuttering.

    • When the 050 has "LAW" instead of a number, refer the book to the LC trainer for a call number.

    • Remember books by and about artists, architects, and musicians require special local call numbers. See:

      866 field

    • Add an 866 field for information pertaining to booksets. Remember to change the holding leader code for record type.

    • Save the record to the database. (Click on the sailboat)

  4. Item Record (Retrieve the item record or create one if necessary)

    • Wand in the barcode (on created records)

    • Fill in the enum field for booksets

  5. Post processing

    • Write the call number in the book

    • Remove the jackets (Except for Dixon); put jacket in the appropriate place (consult list of jackets to keep)

    • Put book on appropriate truck.