Scanned Journals
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Scanned Journals
Projects such as JSTOR send scanned versions of journals over the Internet. Although transmitted electronically, these are copies of the original, equivalent to a microform copy.

JSTOR journals are processed as added copies to their paper based counterpart, in a manner similar to processing a microform edition of a paper based counterpart.

Some points to note, when adding a scanned journal to a paper counterpart (using JSTOR as an example):

1. Add the 007 c line of fixed fields:

2. Add 590 note: Online version contains scanned text as part of the JSTOR Project.

3. Add a 710 added entry for JSTOR (Organization)

4. Add the 856 for the scanned journal

5. Add location: elf1/1

6. As a call no. add: Electronic Resource

7. Add the holdings included for the scanned journal:
e.g. 866:: a Vol. 1 (1991)-v. 5 (1995)

NOTE: JSTOR provides information to its subscribers of additional holdings. Holdings will be updated when notified.