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4xx fields

Make cross references in the same AACR2 form they would have if chosen as the heading. Supply tags, indicators, and subfields, as for the heading. Do not use a period at the end, unless the name ends with an abbreviation.
4xx see references, called variants, are of two types:

  • Variants of the heading, required by AACR2 and the LCRI's, including inverted references, fuller forms and references from parent bodies and jurisdictions.
  • References based on variants of the form of name on which the heading is based, as found in sources. Some examples are alternate names, different language forms, and acronyms.

Except in those special cases when required or permitted by rules, do not make additional variants of variants (cross references based on other cross references).

For more details and examples, see: 4xx references in the section on Cross References