NACO: 675 Field
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675 (Sources not found) field

Use this field to cite sources in which no information about the heading was found. Generally do not use this field to record anything, if the problem that prompted the special searching has been resolved in another source.

    This field is NOT REPEATABLE.
Cite all sources in one continuous paragraph, abbreviating source citations and separating them with a semicolon and ‡a delimiter.

675 Enc. Brit., 15th ed.;‡aEnc. Amer., c1983;‡aWW in Amer., 1986; ‡aNat. fac. dir., 1986;‡aAmer. M. & W. of sci., 16th ed.

Note that the 675 field is also used to justify 5xx cross references for earlier and later names of corporate bodies. For more details and examples, see: 5xx references: Corporate Names in the section on Cross References.