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NOTE: For the most up-to-date list, please consult Cataloger's Desktop (Subject cataloging manual: Subject headings, H405)

Most headings fall into a clearly defined category: name (e.g., personal names, jurisdictions), or subject (e.g., topical subjects, geographic features). However, some named "entities" do not fit clearly into one of these categories. In an attempt to reduce confusion over such headings LC has issued guidelines that are excerpted in this procedure.

Types of headings are listed below according to their status as Names or Subjects. Note that tagging varies on a somewhat arbitrary basis. Following are comments and directions relating to these headings.

  • This listing applies only to the specific "problem" cases. It does not include many of the usual corporate/geographic names we encounter: research centers, associations, conferences, cities, etc.

  • Whether a heading is treated as a Name or Subject below, will determine which rules and conventions to apply in establishing the heading (AACR2/LCRIs for Names; SCM for Subjects--and whether to submit the heading to NACO for the name authority file, or to SACO for the subject authority file (green form).

  • Since the end of 1994, the same entity can no longer be established in both the names file and the subjects file. If you find a case of a heading for the same entity existing in both the NAF and SAF (with the exception of name headings with subdivisions in the SAF), please bring it to the attention of the Authorities Coordinator.

  • Note that headings treated as Subjects, which normally reside in the SAF, may reside in the NAF if they have been used in descriptive access points. (These may have a 667 field with the text "Subj Cat Manual/AACR2.") Therefore, if you wish to use or establish a new Subject heading, be sure to search both the NAF and the SAF to determine if it has been established.

    Heading Tag File Note
    Abbeys 110 Names
    Academies 110 Names
    Aiplanes, Named 110 Names
    Airports 110 Names LCRI24.1, p.6
    Almshouses 110 Names
    Amusement Parks 151 Subjects
    Apartment houses 110 Subjects
    Aquariums, Public 110 Names
    Arboretums 110 Names
    Arenas 110 Subjects
    Armories 110 Subjects
    Art works, Individual 100, 100, 130 Names
    Artificial satellites 110 Names
    Artists' groups 150 Subjects
    Asian conglomerate corporations 110 Subjects
    Astronomical features (asteroids, comets, galaxies, planets, etc.) 151 Subjects
    Asylums (Charitable institutions) 110 Names
    Athletic contests 111 Names
    Auditoriums 110 Subjects
    Awards 150 Subjects
    Banks 110 Names
    Bars 110 Names
    Bathhouses 110 Subjects
    Baths, Ancient 110 Subjects
    Biblical characters 100 Names
    Biological stations 110 Names
    Boards of trade (Chambers of commerce) 110 Names
    Botanical gardens 110 Names
    Bridges 151 Subjects
    Broadcasting stations 110 Names
    Building details 150 Subjects
    Buildings, Private 110 Subjects
    Buildings occupied by corporate bodies 110 Subjects
    Bus terminals 110 Subjects
    Camps 151 Subjects
    Canals 151 Subjects
    Capitols 110 Subjects
    Castles 110 Subjects
    Cathedrals 110 Names
    Celestial bodies 151 Subjects
    Cemeteries 110 Names LCRI24.1, p.6
    Chambers of Commerce 110 Names
    Chapels 110 Names
    Churches (in use or in ruins) 110 Names
    Circuses 110 Names
    Cities, Extinct (Pre-1500) 151 Subjects SCM H715
    City halls 110 Subjects
    City sections 151 Names LCRI23.4F2
    Civic Centers 110 Subjects
    Clans 100 Subjects
    Club houses 110 Subjects
    Coliseums 110 Subjects
    Collections, Public or Private 110 Subjects
    Collective farms 151 Subjects
    Collective settlements 151 Names
    Colleges 110 Names
    Comic strips 130 Names
    Communes 151 Names
    Community centers 110 Subjects
    Competitions 111 Names
    Computer languages 150 Subjects
    Computer networks 150 Subjects
    Computer programs 130 Names
    Computer systems 150 Subjects
    Concentration camps 110 Names LCRI24.1, p.7
    Concert halls 110 Names
    Conservation districts 151 Names
    Contests 111 Names
    Convention centers 110 Subjects
    Convents 110 Names
    Correctional institutions 110 Names
    Country clubs 110 Names
    Court houses 110 Subjects
    Crematories 110 Names
    Custom houses 110 Subjects
    Dance halls 110 Names
    Denominations, Religious (individual) 110 Names
    Details, Building 150 Subjects
    Dispensaries 110 Names
    Docks 151 Subjects
    Doors 150 Subjects
    Dwellings 110 Subjects
    Ecclesiastical entities that are also names of places, e.g.
    Basel (Switzerland: Ecclesiastical principality)
    110 Names
    Ecological stations 110 Names
    Educational institutions 110 Names
    Electronic discussion groups 130 Names
    Embassies 110 Names
    Estates 151 Subjects
    Events (generic; no formal name) 150 Subjects
    Events (named) 111 Names LCRI24.7-24.8
    Exhibition buildings 110 Subjects
    Exhibitions 111 Names
    Expeditions, Military 111 Names
    Expeditions, Scientific 111 Names
    Experiment stations 110 Names
    Expositions 111 Names
    Factories 110 Names
    Fairgrounds 151 Subjects
    Fairs 111 Names
    Families 100 Subjects
    Farms 151 Subjects
    Feasts 150 Subjects
    Ferry buildings 110 Subjects
    Festivals and celebrations 111 Names
    Fire stations 110 Subjects
    Folk festivals and celebrations 111 Names
    Forest districts 151 Names
    Forests 151 Subjects
    Fortresses (Structures) 151 Subjects
    Funds 110 Names
    Funeral homes, mortuaries 110 Names
    Galleries 110 Names
    Games (Events) 111 Names Footnote (1)
    Gardens 151 Subjects
    Gates 150 Subjects
    Grain elevators 110 Subjects
    Gymnasiums 110 Subjects
    Halfway houses 110 Names
    Hazardous waste sites 151 Subjects
    Herbariums 110 Names
    Highways 151 Subjects
    Historic sites 151 Subjects
    Hospitals 110 Names
    Hotels 110 Names
    Immigration stations 110 Subjects
    Individual works of art 100, 110, 130 Names
    Islands, Non-jurisdictional 151 Subjects
    Jurisdictions, Ancient (other than cities) 151 Names
    Laboratories 110 Names
    Land grants 151 Subjects
    Libraries 110 Names
    Library districts 110 Names
    Lighthouses 110 Subjects
    Manors 110 Subjects
    Mansions 110 Subjects
    Market buildings 110 Subjects
    Markets 110 Names
    Military installations (Active: also all after 1899) 151 Names
    Military installations (Before 1900 and inactive) 151 Subjects
    Mine buildings 110 Subjects
    Mines 151 Subjects
    Mints 110 Subjects
    Monasteries 110 Names
    Monuments (Structures, statues, etc.) 150 Subjects
    Morgues 110 Names
    Motels 110 Names
    Motion pictures 130 Names
    Museums 110 Names
    Music halls 110 Subjects
    Night clubs 110 Names
    Nursing homes 110 Names
    Observatories 110 Names
    Office buildings 110 Subjects
    Official residences 110 Subjects
    Old age homes 110 Names
    Opera houses 110 Names
    Orphanages 110 Names
    Palaces 110 Subjects
    Parades 111 Names
    Park Districts 151 Names
    Parks 151 Subjects
    Planetariums 110 Names
    Plans (Programs) 110 Names LCRI24.1, p.8
    Playgrounds 151 Subjects
    Plazas (Open spaces squares etc.) 151 Subjects
    Police stations 110 Subjects
    Pools, Public 110 Subjects
    Poorhouses 110 Names
    Port Authorities 110 Names
    Ports (Physical facilities) 151 Subjects
    Post offices 110 Subjects
    Power plants 110 Subjects
    Presidential mansions 110 Subjects
    Prisons 110 Names
    Projects, plans, etc. 110 Names
    Public celebrations, pageants, anniversaries 111 Names
    Public comfort stations 110 Subjects
    Publishers' imprints 110 Names
    Pueblos 151 Names
    Race tracks 110 Subjects
    Races (Contests) 111 Names
    Radio programs 130 Names
    Railroads 110 Names Footnote (2)
    Railway stations 110 Subjects
    Ranches 151 Subjects
    Recreation areas 151 Subjects
    Recreation districts 151 Names
    Refugee camps 151 Subjects
    Religious denominations 110 Names
    Research stations 110 Names
    Reservations, Indian 151 Subjects
    Reserves (Parks, forests, etc.) 151 Subjects
    Resorts 110 Subjects
    Restaurants 110 Names
    Roads 151 Subjects
    Rooms 150 Subjects
    Sanitary landfills 151 Subjects
    Sanitation districts 151 Names
    Sanatoriums 110 Names
    Satellites (i.e. moons) 151 Subjects
    Satellites, Artificial 110 Names
    School districts 110 Names
    Schools 110 Names
    Schools of artists 150 Subjects
    Service stations 110 Names
    Shipyards 110 Names
    Shopping centers 110 Subjects
    Shows (Exhibitions) 111 Names
    Shrines (not churches) 150 Subjects
    Software, computer 130 Names
    Sound recording labels 110 Names
    Space Vehicles 110 Names
    Spas 110 Subjects
    Sports arenas 110 Subjects
    Sporting events 111 Names
    Stadiums 110 Subjects
    Stock exchanges 110 Names
    Stores, Retail 110 Names
    Streets 151 Subjects
    Structures (non-geographic, e.g. towers) 150 Subjects
    Studies (Research Projects) 110 Names
    Television programs 130 Names
    Temples (in ruins) 110 Subjects
    Temples (in use) 110 Names
    Terminal buildings 110 Subjects
    Theater buildings 110 Subjects
    Theater companies 110 Names
    Theme Parks 151 Subjects
    Tombs 150 Subjects
    Tournaments 111 Names
    Towers 150 Subjects
    Trails 151 Subjects
    Tribes (as legal entities only) 110 Names
    Tribes (Ethnic groups) 150 Subjects
    Tunnels 151 Subjects
    Undertakers 110 Names
    Universities 110 Names
    Utility Districts 151 Names
    Villas 110 Subjects
    Walls 150 Subjects
    Water Districts 151 Names
    Waterways 151 Subjects
    Works of art, Individual 100, 110, 130 Names
    Zoological gardens 110 Names

  • (1) Corporate bodies connected with games (e.g., organizing committees) fall under Names. Individual Olympic Games are established separately in the name authority file, coded 111. Works about the Olympic games in general are entered under the topical subject heading Olympics, coded 150.

  • (2) Railroads are now treated only as corporate bodies and so should be submitted to NACO. In the past there were two headings for a railroad: one for the company name and one for the line, the latter tagged as a topical subject. The difference between the two headings was minor: usually the omission of the word "Company" or similar words from the heading for the line. Be aware of these differences when searching for the "LC in RLIN" citation of previous uses, and, as for all proper name headings, always search railroads as subjects as well as corporate names.

    list rev. Jan. 20, 2000