Arabic NACO Manual
Arabic NACO Manual


Citing dates from the book in hand

A person's dates from the item being cataloged are always transcribed in the 670. If both Hijri and Miladi dates are given, give both.

Unless day and/or month are given, whether in the piece in hand or in an outside reference source, a Hijri year is always to be transcribed in a heading as a choice of two Miladi years connected by "or" (except when a Hijri year falls entirely within one Miladi year). This practice is to be followed even if the piece in hand or reference source provides the Hijri date with a "corresponding" single Miladi date.

If the piece in hand and a reference source disagree on an author's dates, consult a third source (i.e., a second reference source) if available. If no third source can be found, or if the information from the third source does not "break the tie," cite all three sources and give the dates in the heading in a compromising form, using "?," "approximately.," "active xth century," etc. as outlined in RDA9.3.

Citing dates from reference sources

The general format for citing dates is to give the miladi dates separated by a hyphen, then a slash and the Gregorian dates separated by a hyphen.


If only the death date is available:

died 895/1490

Other examples:

...-naḥwa 895 H=...-naḥwa 1390 M is cited as: died approximately 895/1490

...-baʿd 909 H=...-baʿd 1503 M is cited as: died after 909/1503

al-qarn al-ʿashar al-Hijri, al-qarn al-sadis ʿashar al-Miladi is cited as: 10th/16th century

geb. 13. Šaʿban 1277/ 25.2.1861, starb 23. Šaʿban 1315/18.1.1898 is cited as:
born 13 Šaʿban 1277/February 25, 1861, died 23 Šaʿban 1315/January 18, 1898

erste Halfte des 19 Jahrh.s is cited as: first half of the 19th century

Dates in the authorized access point

Dates in the heading are ALWAYS Miladi dates. Often they will be converted into alternative years with "or". All four digits are used for both dates. Options for recording dates are given in RDA 9.3.

1666 or 1667
approximately 931
active 1378-1395
active 12th century
-approximately 1880
approximately 1912-1993