Arabic NACO Manual
Arabic NACO Manual
 Modern authors

What is a modern author?

Modern authors are those active in the 20th century or later (RDA F.1). Our rule of thumb is to treat authors living during any part of the 20th century as modern. Authors whose life spanned both the 19th and 20th centuries may be treated as classical if it can be determined that they were primarily active during the 19th century.

How to establish a modern author

Modern authors are assumed to have surnames (RDA F.1.1.1), and should be entered under the surname. If they have no obvious surname, then the "part that identifies the individual and functions as a surname" should be chosen for the entry element (RDA This is generally taken to be the last element in the title page form of the name.

A surname-like element other than the last appearing on the t.p. may be chosen as the entry element if there is compelling evidence that it functions as the author's surname. (Typography, layout, and/or consistent usage may be considered compelling evidence.)

Once the entry element has been determined, include as forename elements all other elements of the name as they appear on the t.p., including kunyahs and patronymics other than the father's. Do not, however, include any surname elements after the one chosen for the entry element.

Modern North African authors

Abu or Ibn written without the initial alif in the names of modern North Africans are not standardized to Abu and Ibn, but rather romanized as they appear--as Bu and Bin. This does not apply to pre-modern North African names.

When it is unclear whether the form on the t.p. is in inverted order, enter the name in direct order.

Modern Persian authors writing in Arabic

A modern author writing in Arabic with a name clearly of Iranian origin should be established in Arabic, with Arabic romanization, but according to Persian entry.

Persian entry calls for entering authors under compound surnames, starting with the first surname element present. References should be made for all other surnames in the entry element.

t.p. form: Muḥammad ʻAli al-Ḥusayni al-Rajāʾī al-Iṣfahānī
100 1_ Ḥusayni al-Rajāʾī al-Iṣfahānī,Muḥammad ʻAli
400 1_ Rajāʾī al-Iṣfahānī, Muḥammad ʻAli al-Ḥusayni
400 1_Iṣfahānī, Muḥammad ʻAli al-Ḥusayni al-Rajāʾī