Arabic NACO Manual
Arabic NACO Manual
 Miscellaneous information


When the element "Sayyid" or "al-Sayyid" appears at the beginning of a person's name, use cataloger's judgment to determine whether this element is a title or an integral part of the name. Use available forms and common sense in making a determination. If the name appears elsewhere on the publication without the element, or if other names throughout the publication are routinely prefixed by Sayyid/al-Sayyid, consider treating the element as a title.

Surnames derived from place names

Surnames derived from place-names should be romanized according to the spelling for the name as determined from the NAF, Mawrid, etc. unless they are vocalized.

Non-Latin script in authority records

Addition of Arabic script references is optional. When choosing to add Arabic script, follow the FAQ and LC guidelines for the 670 field:

Note that when adding script, the "Reference" fixed field code must have the value "b" and a 667 note must be added.

Koran / Qur'an

With RDA, the uniform title "Koran" was changed to "Qur'an". Note the use of a hamzah but not a macron. RDA covers preferred titles for parts of the Qur'an.

Breaking conflicts

RDA does not allow the use of a term like "al-Ustadh" to break a conflict. Profession or occupation is permitted, therefore we can use a qualifier such as "(Professor)" or "(Lecturer)".