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Canadian headings

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General information


Sources of NLC verification: In this order of preference

1. Canadian CIP

2. NLC headings in RLIN

3. AMICUS, the NLC authority file

General information

Through a cooperative agreement between the Library of Congress and the National Library of Canada (NLC), all Canadian corporate headings (including conferences and geographic names) used in current LC cataloging must be approved by NLC.

LC will also accept the NLC form for personal names in cataloging materials with Canadian imprints, with some exceptions.

Thus, NLC verification is necessary before establishing personal names in any language from works published in Canada, or any corporate entity or geographic jurisdiction located in Canada.

If there is also LC in RLIN for a heading, cite both the LC in RLIN and one of the sources of NLC verification, then consult the Exceptions page to determine the appropriate heading.