NACO: Exceptions to Canadian Headings
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Canadian headings

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General information


Sources of NLC verification: In this order of preference

1. Canadian CIP

2. NLC headings in RLIN

3. AMICUS, the NLC authority file

Exceptions to LC/NLC Cooperative Agreement
In the following cases, we are not required to use the Canadian heading for a personal name:
  • The form of name on which the old catalog (LC pre-AACR2) heading is based, matches the usage on the work you are cataloging, and the old LC heading would be an acceptable AACR2 heading. In this case NLC verification is not required.
    • Use the old LC heading.
  • The Canadian heading would conflict with another AACR2 heading already in use.
    • In this case establish the name according to usual AACR2 and LCRI practice. Record the NLC form on your authority record as prescribed in the preceding sections. Explain the discrepancy in a 667 field as follows.
      667 NLC form conflicts with another LC heading.
  • The existing LC heading matches the NLC heading, except that the NLC heading includes a date.
    • Accept the old LC heading as the AACR2 form, provided it is otherwise an acceptable AACR2 heading.