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Canadian headings

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General information


Sources of NLC verification: In this order of preference

1. Canadian CIP

2. NLC headings in RLIN

3. AMICUS, the NLC authority file

Sources of NLC verification: NLC headings in RLIN

If Canadian CIP is not available, look for the name on an AACR2 National Library of Canada record in RLIN.

You can conduct your heading search in the usual way. For NLC monographs, limit to records with an ONCG identifier by using the "als li oncg" add-on search.

NLC serial records can be identified by the code "nlc" in the 042 authentication field.

The following is an example of an NLC AACR2 serial record (selected fields only are shown):

ID:DCLCCN9031426-S CC:9110 BLT:as DCF:a CSC:d MOD: SNR: ATC:
CP:onc L:eng SL:0 GPC: CPI:0 ALPH:a ISDS:4 TYP:
PSC:d D:1990/1990 FRQ:a REG:r PHY: REP: CNC:c
010 cn9031426
022 0 1180-8853
035 (OCoLC)22154670
040 CaOONL‡beng‡cCaOONL
041 0 eng‡bfre
042 nlc‡aisds/c
043 n-cn---
055 01 HV701
082 0 016.3627/6/07‡220
110 2 Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse.
210 0 Publ. audiov. resour. cat. - Inst. Prev. Child Abuse
212 0 Catalogue de publications et de documents audiovisuels – Institut pour la prevention de l'enfance maltraitee
212 0 Publications and audiovisual resources catalogue - Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse

If you find an NLC AACR2 heading for the name you are establishing, cite it in a separate 670 field as follows. Use it as your heading, whether or not the form of name matches the usage on the work you are cataloging.

    670 NLC in RLIN, date of search‡b(hdg.: _________________)

    For example:
    100 10 Anselmi, William
    670 Mediating culture, 1994:‡bt.p. (William Anselmi) cover p. 4 (assist. prof., Carleton Univ., Ottawa)
    670 NLC in RLIN, Jan. 19, 1995‡b(hdg.: Anselmi, William)

If you don't find NLC in RLIN, write "NLC in RLIN search done" on the printout of your authority record.