NACO: Form of Source Citation
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Form of source citations

The 670 fields on your authority record (Source Data Found) serve to justify the form of heading and the cross references traced, and to record identifying information about the heading.

For each 670 field, the first location of data in subfield b is generally the chief source of the title cited.

    100 10 Elliott, Mary Elvira,‡db. 1851
    670 Sketches of representative women of New England, 1904:‡bt.p. (Mary Elvira Elliott) p. 3 (b. Dec. 4, 1851)

You may omit the parenthetical statement(s) if the title proper contains the only occurrence of the name on the chief source, provided that no ambiguity results and no significant information is lost. Cite information taken from other locations as usual.

    151 0 Laurencekirk (Scotland)
    670 Letter to the people of Laurencekirk, 1780.

    100 10 Greenway, John Michael,‡d1939-
    670 I, John Michael Greenway ... 1967:‡bcover p. 4 (b. 1939; police officer in Topeka, Kan.)

You may use three dots (mark of omission) to shorten a lengthy title, but include at least the first few subject words. You may also abbreviate words in the title.

If three dots have been used, give no other punctuation between the title and the imprint date. If three dots have not been used, give a comma to separate title and date, unless the title ends with an exclamation point or question mark.

    670 Life in Guatemala ...1985:‡bt.p. (Ellen Gilbertson, Canadian photojournalist)

    670 What is the history of women's economic status in N.J.? 1984:‡bt.p. (Dr. Thomas W. White)

    670 Reynard the Fox, 1983:‡bt.p. (Patricia Terry)