NACO: Geographic Name Conflicts
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Geographic name conflicts

Unlike other types of headings, conflict between geographic name headings (tag 151) is absolute, that is, not limited to the geographic names already established in the NAF (RI 23.4F1). Thus you must search appropriate gazetteers to make sure your heading will not conflict with any other geographic name in existence, if the AACR2 heading for that other name were to be established.

If information pointing to a potential conflict is found, include it in your authority record, and proceed to resolve the conflict by making further additions to your new heading.

For example, if there were one city in Madagascar called Farafangana, the heading would be

    Farafangana (Madagascar)
However a BGN search showed there were two; therefore the heading was established as follows:
    Farafangana (Fianarantsoa, Madagascar)
Note that conflicts between geographic names are generally resolved by inserting an intermediate jurisdiction (which must also be established) before the name of the larger country or state (23.4F1). If there is no such intermediate jurisdiction, the name of a nearby city may be used. If the conflict is between different administrative levels of government with the same name, add an appropriate term after the qualifier for the larger jurisdiction (24.6B):
    Saint Gall (Switzerland)
    Saint Gall (Switzerland : Canton)