NACO: Data Cited--General Information
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Data cited--General information

Give the name as it appears in full in the source being cited, without abbreviation by the cataloger--regardless of how identical the consequent citation is with the name in the heading, in cross reference tracings, or in citations from other sources.

However, if the name or information about the name appears in the same form in different locations in one source, do not repeat the information.

If the name cited is not in the nominative case, do not amplify the citation to "explain" this, though ellipses may be used to show that surrounding words have been omitted.

All data must be given in romanized form. It will normally be understood that any romanization transcribed is the cataloger's romanization. When transcribing a Latin-alphabet form actually found in a non-roman item, add after it the bracketed phrase "[in rom.]".

Data other than names should be given in as brief a form as possible, yet should be easily comprehensible within the context. Abbreviate liberally.

Except for names, distinguishing terms, and titles, generally translate data in foreign languages into English, paraphrasing or summarizing where possible.
In exceptional cases where a direct quotation is essential, retain the vernacular.

    670 The life story of an American feminist, 1979:‡bt.p. (Susan Hansen) p. 4 (b. Dec. 11, 1887, Chicago, Ill.; d. May 16, 1945, London)