NACO: Dates/Chronological Designation
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Special situations: Dates/chronological designation

If an issue has a distinctive chronological designation, cite it by that alone. Use standard abbreviations.

    The verdict, volume 2, number 1, February 1975
    cite as:
    The verdict, Feb. 1975

In cases where there is no designation date, or only a non-distinctive one (e.g., a quarterly with year designation but no month or season), cite the issue by its numeric designation followed by publication date in parentheses.

    Studies in U.S. history, number 1; imprint date: 1985
    Studies in U.S. history, No. 1 (1985)

Use vernacular designations, whether numeric or chronological. Capitalize the first letter of a numeric designator, but do not capitalize dates unless the language rules require it. Romanize designations from other alphabets.

Flora y fauna, Ano 6, no. 1 (2002)
Temps modernes, mars/mai 2000
Journal of mental imagery, spring 1977
Language awareness, Vol. 10, no. 1 (2001)
Deutsche Bauzeitung (Stuttgart, Germany), Problemy amerikanistiki, Vyp. 9 (1993)

For all dates, use the Gregorian equivalent of non-Gregorian years

non-Gregorian date: Min kuo 77 nien 11 yüeh