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Geographic names

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When and how to establish geographic names in NACO

Geographic entities which can be used in main or added entries--generally, political jurisdictions--are established as name headings in NACO. Examples are countries, provinces, cities (including city sections), U.S. states, historic kingdoms, park districts (not parks), and many others. They are tagged 151 in the NAF.

To establish a geographic name, the cataloger must consult at least one reference source, in addition to the work cataloged. These headings are not to be confused with geographic features (e.g. valleys, rivers, parks, streets, etc.) which are established as subject headings in the SAF, and also tagged 151. (If in doubt about the status of a particular heading as name or subject, consult Division of the World.)

The principles in this section apply to establishing new geographic name headings in NACO. For changes to established geographic name headings, see Geographic Name Changes--Selected Rules with Examples.