NACO: AACR2 LC in RLIN (dcf:a)
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AACR2 LC in RLIN (dcf:a)

If the heading you are searching is found on a full-level LC AACR2 record, recheck the NAF. The heading should be there. If it is not there, create an authority record for the heading as usual. In most cases your heading will be the same as on the LC AACR2 copy.

Cite the LC heading (and usage, if appropriate) in a 670 field only if you need this information to justify the AACR2 heading in the 1xx field, or if the heading you are establishing is different from the heading appearing on the LC AACR2 record.
Use the following form:

    LC in RLIN, [date of search] áb(AACR2 hdg.: ___________; usage:_________)