NACO: LC MLC (Minimal Level Cataloging) Records
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LC MLC (Minimal Level Cataloging) records

LC MLC records for monographs can be identified by a CC of 9650 or 9550 and an 050 containing (usually) a control number beginning with "MLC" or a microform accession number.

Records for serials in this category are referred to as "Less than fully authenticated serial records." Headings on such records are treated just like headings on LC MLC records for monographs.

Headings on LC MLC records, although often coded AACR2, frequently have not been established in the NAF. (They may or may not be proper AACR2 forms). Information from MLC records--headings and usage--can be used in establishing AACR2 headings.

Usage on MLC records should be taken into account, but headings on these records do not have equal status with headings found on full LC records. For example, if there is a full pre-AACR2 LC record without a birth date in the heading and an MLC record with one, the AACR2 heading will not include the date.

However, if there is no existing LC full bibliographic record and there is an MLC record with a date in the heading, the date can be used in the newly-established heading.

Cite MLC headings whenever found. Do so whether or not they add information used in the AACR2 heading. Add "MLC" to the LC in RLIN 670 if the LC in RLIN heading appears only on MLC records:

    670 LC in RLIN, May 13, 1999‡b(MLC hdg.: [heading])

When differing full LC and LC/MLC headings are present in RLIN (this should be a rare ocurrence), use the following style of citation.

    100 10 Schwartz, Frederic
    670 German-American relations, 1945-1960, 1982:bt.p. (Frederic Schwartz)
    670 LC in RLIN, Feb. 24, 1987b(hdg.: Schwartz, Frederic; MLC hdg.: Schwartz, Frederic, 1920- )