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Pre-AACR2 LC heading from full bibliographic record (DCF: blank, p, i)

When the heading on the LC bibliographic record(s) matches the usage on the work you are cataloging, as a general guideline (subject to special problems, or specific AACR2 or RI provisions), consider the heading on the LC record to be AACR2 and do not examine or record the usage from the LC record. Use the heading from the LC record as the heading on the NACO worksheet. The 670 citations will then look as follows:

    100 10 Rivičre, Pierre,‡d1815-1840
    670 I, Pierre Rivičre, having slaughtered my mother, my sister, and my brother, c1982‡bjkt. (French murderer, d. 1840)
    670 LC in RLIN, May 11, 1987‡b(hdg.: Rivičre, Pierre, 1815-1840)

When the heading found on the LC bibliographic record(s) does not match the usage on the work you are cataloging, consider the usage(s) on the LC records (in addition to that on your item) to determine the AACR2 heading. It is common for the pre-AACR2 headings to supply fuller forms of forenames or dates to be used as additions to headings.

Record the LC heading and also any usages found, including any usage identical to the heading. Use a semicolon to separate the heading from the usage, with the label "usage:".

    100 10 Nottingham, J.‡q(Joseph),‡d1809-1891
    670 My travels in this wide world, 1978:‡bt.p. (J. Nottingham)
    670 LC in RLIN, Feb. 26, 1987‡b(hdg.: Nottingham, Joseph, 1809-1891; usage: J. Nottingham)
When there is no usage given on LC records, (e.g., no statement of responsibility), normally determine the heading from the work you are cataloging, and note in the LC in RLIN citation that the usage is not given.
    100 10 Hampshire, Sarah E.‡q(Sarah Ellen)
    670 Geography of Scotland, 1982:‡bt.p. (Sarah E. Hampshire, M.A. (Oxon.)) t.p. verso (Dept. of Geog., Oxford Univ.)
    670 LC in RLIN, Apr. 24, 1986‡b(hdg.: Hampshire, Sarah Ellen; no usage)
    400 10 ‡wnna‡aHampshire, Sarah Ellen
    [Linking Reference q.v.]

If a new heading would be the same as another one on pre-AACR2 LC records, make an effort to break the conflict, as described in the rule interpretations. (The LC heading does not have to appear in the NAF to be considered a conflict).

For personal names, try to add dates or qualifiers to the newly established heading. If the conflict cannot be resolved, a non-unique record or other adjustment may be needed. (See section on Conflict Resolution)