NACO: Personal Names
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Personal names

Record all forms of the name found on the chief source of the item being cataloged.

For forms of name that are not on the chief source be selective: record only those that are judged to add important information about the name (most commonly, a fuller form of name). Generally do not record a less full form when a fuller form appears prominently. In some cases, as with some Spanish compound surnames, it may be useful to transcribe a less-full variant in order to justify a needed reference.

    670 Sad tales of the Pecos, 1988 printing:‡bt.p. (Elmer T. Boone) pref. (Elmer Thaddeus ("Pappy") Boone)

    670 Mis hijos, 1982:‡bt.p. (Maria Luz Ojeda de Chavez) cover (Maria Luz Ojeda)

Cite birth and death dates explicitly whenever they appear in sources. Include month and day if available. Always cite distinguishing terms (cf. 22.19B; terms of address, initials of an academic degree, etc.) that appear in conjunction with a name in statements of responsibility or in reference sources.

Do not translate or abbreviate them because they may be used in the heading to break a conflict. Cite a person's residence or employment in as brief a form as possible, with abbreviations as appropriate.

Cite other distinguishing data only if identification is a problem, or is likely to become one.

    670 DNA replication and recombination, 1986:‡bt.p. (Thomas J. Kelly, Ph. D., Chair, Dept. of Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins Univ.) cover p. 4 (b. 11-21-41)