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Bib records in RLIN or OCLC

If dates, fuller forms of names, etc. in member copy headings are readily available, they can be cited and used as additions to the t.p. form of your name, for example, to break a conflict. Do not routinely search for or add this information to your heading. If such additions are to be used in your heading, cite them in a separate 670 field in the following way:

    670 RLIN, [date of search]‡b(hdg.: [heading as found])
    100 10 King, P. R.,‡d1954-
    670 Description, correlation, and depositional history of Miocene sediments … 1993:‡bt.p. (P.R. King) t.p. verso (Inst. of Geol. & Nuclear Sciences Ltd., Lower Hutt, N.Z.)
    670 RLIN, Jan. 19, 1995‡b(hdg.: King, P. R., 1954- )
T.p. usage (in field 245) from member copy records can be cited and used, for example,
  • if you are cataloging a translation, or the work of an author who writes in more than one language, and the member copy record is the only source available for t.p. usage in the original or predominant language, or
  • if AACR2 rules require you to look for fuller usage (e.g. RI22.1B, surname alone on t.p.) and the fuller usage is available on a member copy record. Note that this is not a substitute for checking reference sources for persons such as artists or authors before 1801 (RI22.1B, p. 3).
If information from a member copy record is needed, cite both heading and relevant usage in a separate 670 field on your NACO worksheets follows:

    670 RLIN, [date of search]‡b(hdg.: [heading as found]; usage: [usage from 245 field])


    100 10 Henzen, Wilhelm,‡d1850-1910
    670 Trois Amphitryon, 1993:‡bt.p. (Henzen) p. 49 (W. Henzen, 1850-1910)
    670 RLIN, Jan. 17, 1995‡b(hdg.: Henzen, Wilhelm, 1850-1910; usage: Wilhelm Henzen)

    100 10 Akimqulov, Erkinbai
    400 10 Akimkulov, Erkinbai
    670 Dnevnik devushki, 1989:‡bt.p. (Erkinbai Akimkulov)
    670 RLIN, Apr. 6, 1994‡b(hdg.: Akimqulov, Erkinbai; usage: Erkinbai Akimqulov [in Kazakh])