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Work cataloged ("Item in hand")

The item being cataloged often contains variant names and biographical or historical information about the person or body being established. Always examine the item for such information. Variant names should be recorded exactly as they appear. Paraphrase other information briefly and in English, if possible. Phrases such as "first important South African artist" or "Cistercian cloister" will help to identify the heading and distinguish identical names.

    110 20 Kloster Walkenried (Walkenried, Germany)
    410 20 Zisterzienserabtei Walkenried (Walkenried, Germany)
    670 Kloster Walkenried, 1986:‡bp. 2 (Cistercian cloister, f. perhaps 1127)
    670 Brockhaus, 1974‡b(under Walkenried: Zisterzienserabtei W.; founded 1127)

    100 10 Dora,‡cSister,‡d1832-1878
    400 10 Pattison, Dorothy Wyndlow,‡d1832-1878
    670 Sister Dora, 1880:‡bp. 1 (Dorothy Wyndlow Pattison, b. 1-16-1832) p. 239 (d. 12-24-1878)