NACO: When to Use Reference Sources
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When and how to use reference sources

To establish certain kinds of headings, and in the case of conflicts, the cataloger may be required to look for more information on names than what is available in the item being cataloged (see special rules and the section on Conflict Resolution). The item being cataloged should be the first recourse for needed information about the person or body being established. Reference sources in addition to the item cataloged should be chosen as appropriate to the case at hand.

The rules specify special conditions under which recourse to reference sources is necessary. Data cited from reference sources should contain enough information to justify the heading and cross-references chosen and to aid in identifying the person or body represented in the heading.

Cite each source in a separate 670 field. The data cited from each source must begin with the name being established, exactly as it appears in the source, including honorary titles, initials of degrees, etc. Include variant names, explicit dates, and identifying phrases. Any names or titles cited to justify elements of the heading or cross references must be transcribed exactly as they appear. Other identifying information should be included in brief or abbreviated form, and in English, if possible.