NACO: Search the Bibliographic Files
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Searching the bibliographic files

After ensuring that the heading is eligible, and that is does not already exist in the NAF, proceed to search the RLIN bibliographic files. Search every heading in the RLIN database for information on DCLC records.

Be sure your search is inclusive enough. Remember to do a subject search if appropriate (e.g. if the heading is for a corporate body or non-author). Search all relevant RLIN files (e.g. include SERIALS for a corporate body, and SCORES and RECORDINGS if the heading is for a musician). Use the ALS LI DCLC command to narrow the results only to clusters containing LC records.

Record all LC in RLIN headings, with usage, if appropriate, in a 670 field on the NACO worksheet, and take the information into consideration in formulating the new heading and references.
See: LC in RLIN for more details

Routine searching for NACO is thus limited to the NAF and the LC MARC database (records with DCLC ID numbers) in RLIN. If no LC information is found in RLIN, normally formulate the heading solely on the basis of the work being cataloged. It is generally not necessary to search for headings and usage found only on member copy, except in special cases, e.g. conflicts. Remember that it is only in cases of conflict, or when directed by an AACR2 rule or LC rule interpretation, that you must also consult the section Reference Sources beyond the work in hand.