NACO: Adding References or Information to NAF Records
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Adding references or information to NAF records

Write the added reference on the NAF printout, including an appropriate 4XX (see from) or 5XX (see also from) tag with indicators and subfields. Add a new 670 or 675 citation with any information needed to justify the reference you are adding. Make sure the value in the reference fixed field is a, evaluating existing references if necessary.

If important new information becomes available about a name, add a 670 to record it. Examples are: date of birth, or death, fuller names, titles or terms of address, affiliations, date of founding or location of corporate bodies. Use judgment in deciding whether the new information is useful enough to warrant updating the record.

Many older authority records lack usage to support the heading or references. If you have usage available, add it to the record. Add subfield b to the existing 670 field if you have the same item already cited, or create a new 670 field if you have a different item.