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Change messages

Change messages on authority records are encountered infrequently today, but the practice still exists at LC, when a suggested change to an authority record cannot be carried out immediately.

When authority records are in the process of being updated the fixed field code UIP/Upd status is set to b and a change message and date are added in a 667 field. The information is highlighted by the introductory term MESSAGE:. and the type of update is specified briefly. The most important types of messages follow:

  • AA2 --- Heading is being coded AACR2 with no change.
  • Chg. hdg. to: --- Heading will be changed to form shown, and Proposed hdg. (if necessary) coded AACR2. Use the form chg.: in the message.
  • EVAL --- References are being evaluated; assume that the heading is AACR2.
  • Add/Del/Chg.: --- Other changes are being made, not affecting the heading.

If you wish to use or modify such an authority record, consult the NACO coordinator.