NACO: Pre-AACR2 Headings
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Pre-AACR2 headings in the NAF

If you are using an established heading that is coded CRC a or b in RLIN/Source a or b in OCLC, the record must be upgraded to AACR2 form. This does not apply to headings coded CRC/Source d i.e. AACR2-compatible.

Re-evaluate any heading not coded CRC/Source c or d on the basis of the work in hand and LC in RLIN, etc.

  • If the AACR2 form of the heading will be the same as the existing heading, or any of the references on the NAF record, change the tags and other codes as appropriate.

  • If the correct AACR2 form is not in the existing 1xx or 4xx fields, write in the new heading.

  • If the old heading (pre-AACR2 form) is an acceptable reference under AACR2, retain it and code it as a linking reference (‡wnna‡a … ). (See: 4xx Linking References) Otherwise delete it. Change fixed field CRC/Source to value c.

Evaluate references for conformity to AACR2. Upgrade them to AACR2 form, and change fixed field RFE/Ref status from b ( = unevaluated references) to a or n as appropriate. References made under earlier policies are not deleted simply because they are not justified by usage in the authority record. Retain such references and modify them, if necessary, to conform to AACR2 (as by the addition of dates contained in the heading). Delete them only if they cannot be upgraded.