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Linking and 5xx Refs.

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Linking (4xx)

Personal 5xx

Corporate 5xx

5xx references: Corporate Names
(including conferences and geographic names)

Make see also (5xx) references to connect earlier/later or related corporate or geographic headings. Both (or all) such headings must have their own NAF records.

For simple see also references, no subfield w is needed.
For earlier or later headings, use subfield w to express the relationship, as follows.

    ‡wa‡a[earlier name]
    ‡wb‡a[later name]
Consult the LCRIs for guidance on which coding to use in particular cases (RI 26.3 B-C).

The 5xx references indicating corporate body name changes are justified (documented) using the 675 field. The separate authority records for earlier and later corporate names frequently have reverse 670 and 675 fields. That is, the 670 field on each record is identical to the 675 on the other record, since the 1xx field on each record is identical to the 5xx field on the other record. If both earlier and later names are documented in the same source, then only one 670 field is used on each record.

If an NAF record already exists for one of the headings, adjust it to reflect the one being established. Add a 675 Sources not found citation and a 5xx see also reference from the new heading, to a printout of the existing heading.
The 675 can be a copy of the 670 for the new heading you are establishing.

On the record for the new heading, add a 5xx reference from the existing earlier or later form. Justify it by a 675 Sources not found citation, using the 670 citation on the existing NAF record, or information from bibliographic records or other sources.

Staple the records together before turning them in for review.

The example shows a typical earlier/later corporate name relationship.