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Linking and 5xx Refs.

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Linking (4xx)

Personal 5xx

Corporate 5xx

5xx references: Personal names

5xx see also references are made to link separate authority records for the same individual. This occurs in the case of contemporary authors who have published under more than one pseudonym, or under a pseudonym or pseudonyms and a real name (RI 22.2B).

It can also occur for individuals who have both a personal name heading and a corporate heading (primarily ecclesiastical officials and heads of state) (RI 26.3B-C, page 15).

In some cases the references are reciprocal; in other cases not. When multiple (more than two) pseudonyms are involved, complex see also references are made, using the 663 field. Refer to the LCRIs for details on how to proceed, and consult the NACO Coordinator for additional guidance in these situations.

  • Do not confuse these 5xx references with the substitution of a 500 see also reference for a 400 see reference to resolve a conflict between a heading and a reference (RI 26.2C) See: Personal name conflicts in the section on Conflict Resolution