NACO: 4xx Corporate References: Acronyms
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4xx references: Corporate Names: Acronyms and initialisms

Refer from acronyms as found, (all capitals or not) if not chosen for the heading.

    110 20 Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission
    410 20 ORSANCO [acronym: usage all capitals]

    110 20 Centro studi investimenti sociali
    410 20 Censis [acronym: usage not all capitals]

For initialisms occurring within the first five words of a heading or reference, refer from
  1. all forms actually found; and
  2. routinely from a form without internal periods, if found with periods.
Do not do the reverse, i.e., do not make up a reference with periods if the usage is without.
    110 20 World Meteorological Organization
    410 20 WMO
      [form used, without periods]

    110 20 A.G.A. Gas Supply Committee
    410 20 AGA Gas Supply Committee

    110 20 Partido MLNP

      [usage without periods]
    [No references]