NACO: 4xx Inverted References: Conferences
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4xx references: Corporate Names: Inverted refs.: Conferences

Make two types of inverted references for conferences, fairs, festivals, etc. (111s). Do not make references from subject words. Omit qualifiers in the inverted references.

Make an inverted reference from the first word following the name or the abbreviation of a sponsor when it is the first element of the conference name.

Also, if needed, make a reference from the generic term in the name that indicates that the heading is for a meeting (e.g. Conference, Workshop), when this word is preceded by other terms (but not the last word of the heading).

    111 20 International Conference on Industrial Relations ‡d(1965 :‡cTokyo, Japan)
    411 20 Conference on Industrial Relations, International

    111 20 IBM Scientific Computing Symposium on Environmental Sciences
    411 20 Scientific Computing Symposium on Environmental Sciences, IBM
    411 20 Symposium on Environmental Sciences, IBM Scientific Computing

    111 20 Congresso internazionale su Platone‡d(1987 :‡cUniversità di Roma)
    411 [none]