NACO: 4xx Corporate Inverted Reference: Government Subheadings
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4xx references: Corporate Names: Inverted Refs.: Government subheadings
(bodies entered directly under jurisdiction only, excluding institutions)

Make an inverted reference (under jurisdiction) from the generic term in the name that indicates type of agency when this term is preceded by other terms. Also make an inverted reference from the first key word in the name, and from the key word of an English form of name of an agency entered in another language--regardless of the grammar of the language involved.

    110 10 Michigan.‡bState Dept. of Education
    410 10 Michigan.‡bDept. of Education, State
    410 10 Michigan.‡bEducation, State Dept. of

    110 10 Rockville (Md.).‡bDept. of Planning
    410 10 Rockville (Md.).‡bPlanning, Dept. of

    110 10 Bavaria (Kingdom).‡bMinisterium des Innern
    410 10 Bavaria (Kingdom).‡bInnern, Ministerium des
    410 10 Bavaria (Kingdom).‡bMinistry of the Interior
    410 10 Bavaria (Kingdom).‡bInterior, Ministry of the