NACO: 4xx Personal Name References: Initials
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4xx references: Personal Names: Initials

In references containing initials, generally include a qualifier with the full forms if known (RI22.18A).

    100 10 Boudin, Edward
    400 10 Boudin, E.‡q(Edward)

However, if the initial is represented in the heading without the full form being given there (as with existing headings that are otherwise AACR2), make the reference match the heading (RI26.1).

    100 10 Hays, James D.,‡d1926-
    400 10 Hays, J. D.‡q(James D.),‡d1926-
      not Hays, J. D.‡q(James Donald),‡d1926- (even if both forenames are known)
Do not combine different language forms or romanizations.
    100 10 Arnol'dov, Arnol'd Isaevich
    400 10 Arnoldow, A. I.
      [not Arnoldow. A. I. (Arnol'd Isaevich), a mixing of German and Russian]