NACO: 4xx Corporate References: Government Bodies
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4xx references: Corporate Names: References from jurisdiction for government bodies

If a government body is entered independently, make a reference from its name as a subheading of the government (jurisdiction) that created or controls it. (If the jurisdiction is not in the NAF, establish it in a separate authority record, tagged 151.) If the body's name includes the name or abbreviation of the jurisdiction, omit the jurisdiction from the subheading unless such an omission would result in an objectionable distortion.

Do not do special searching to determine whether a body is created or controlled by a government. In uncertain cases, use judgment in deciding whether or not to make the reference. Generally the reference is not made if there is no evidence that a name represents a government body. (See RI 24.4C for the definition of government body.)

    110 20 National Institutes of Health (U.S.)
    410 10 United States.‡bNational Institutes of Health

    110 20 Musée des beaux-arts de Troyes
    410 10 Troyes (France).‡bMusée des beaux-arts

    110 20 Baltimore Redevelopment Corporation
    410 10 Baltimore (Md.).‡bRedevelopment Corporation

    110 20 United States Employment Service
    410 10 United States.‡bEmployment Service

    110 20 University of California, San Diego
    410 10 California.‡bUniversity of California, San Diego