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Linking and 5xx Refs.

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Linking (4xx)

Personal 5xx

Corporate 5xx

4xx references: Linking References

Linking references can be personal, corporate, or geographic names.

Linking refers to the use of special coding in subfield w to indicate that the reference represents a link from the pre-AACR2 heading in use at LC at the time the switch to AACR2 took place. Such references can be made whenever the AACR2 heading differs in any way from the pre-AACR2 LC heading for the same person or body.

Linking references can be coded acceptable AACR2 form (‡wnna) or not an acceptable AACR2 form (‡wnnaa).

Do not confuse this coding with ‡wnne, which can be used to indicate the previous AACR2 heading, when a heading already coded AACR2 is changed.

LC now considers linking references optional. Princeton will continue to code linking references only for acceptable AACR2 forms (‡wnna). This does not affect the obligation to search for and record all LC in RLIN headings in a 670 field.

If the pre-AACR2 LC heading is an acceptable AACR2 form, code a ‡wnna linking reference, whether or not it differs from the heading in one of the primary elements of the name.

Example showing heading and linking reference only

    100 10 Robertson, Jane V.‡q(Jane Victoria),‡d1902-
    400 10 ‡wnna‡aRobertson, Jane Victoria,‡d1902-
      [Victoria is not a primary element]

Fuller example

    100 10 Ball, F. C.‡q(Frederic Cyril)
    400 10 ‡wnna‡aBall, Frederic Cyril
    670 The Robert Tressell papers, 1982:‡bt.p. (F.C. Ball)
    670 LC in RLIN, Dec. 1, 1987‡b(hdg.: Ball, Frederic Cyril; usage: F.C. Ball)

    If the linking reference would normalize to the same form as the heading or another reference on the same record, do not make the reference.
    Substitute a 667 field with the phrase Old catalog heading followed by the old LC heading:

    100 10 Bérard, Jean-Antoine,‡d1710-1772
    667 Old catalog heading: Bérard, Jean Antoine, 1710-1772
    670 L'art du chant, 1984:‡bt.p. (Jean-Antoine Bérard)
    670 LC in RLIN, Feb. 24, 1988‡b(hdg.: Bérard, Jean Antoine, 1710-1772; no usage)

For personal names only, if the pre-AACR2 LC heading is not an acceptable AACR2 form, make an equivalent (not linking) reference in AACR2 form.