NACO: Personal Name References: Primary Elements
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4xx references: Personal Names: Primary Elements

Make references from variant forms that affect the primary elements of the name. For the usual inverted heading, this means all variations in the surname element to the left of the comma, and in the first word to the right of the comma.
Do not make references for variations only in diacritics, hyphens, apostrophes, etc., if the reference would "normalize" to the same form as the heading or another reference on the same record (see Normalization in the section on Conflict Resolution).

    100 10 Jackson, Richard L.q(Richard Louis)
    670 Conflict and cooperation, c1980:bt.p. (Richard L. Jackson) p. 239 (Richard Louis Jackson) p. 4 of cover (Rick Jackson)

    400 10 Jackson, Rick
      [not also Jackson, Richard Louis, since the variation is after the first forename]

    100 10 Morgan, C. J.q(Carol Jean)
    670 Issues in career ed., 1977:bt.p. (C.J. Morgan) p. 141 (Dr. Carol Jean Morgan)

    400 10 Morgan, Carol Jean