NACO: Personal Name References: Surname Elements
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4xx references: Personal Names: Significant surname elements

Refer from each possible entry element of the name chosen for the heading, including each separate particle or prefix, but excluding connectives such as "y" or "und."

    In German, Dutch, and related languages do not refer from the definite article following a prefix; in Romance languages, do not refer from a surname abbreviated to a single letter. Normally make only one reference for each variant name. If applicable, however, make in addition one reference from each surname element not already referred from (excluding particles and prefixes). Do not otherwise refer from variants of variants.
    100 20 Meier-David, Huguette
    670 Die kleine Rodung, 1978:‡bt.p. (Huguette Meier-David) t.p. verso (Huguette Meier David) p. 16 (Huguette Meyer-David)
    400 10 David, Huguette Meier-
    400 20 Meyer-David, Huguette
      [not also from David, Huguette Meyer-, since the surname element is already referred from]

    100 10 Moreno, Montserrat
    670 Aprendizaje y desarrollo intelectual, 1980:‡bt.p. (Montserrat Moreno) cover p. 4 (Montserrat de Moreno Marimon)
    400 20 Moreno Marimon, Montserrat de
    400 10 Marimon, Montserrat de Moreno

      [not also from De Moreno Marimon, Montserrat, since it would be a variant of a variant beginning with a prefix]

    100 20 Melo L., Livia S.‡q(Livia Stella Melo Lancheros)
    670 Valores femeninos, 1967:‡bt.p. (Livia S. Melo L.) pref. (Livia Stella Melo Lancheros)
    400 20 Melo Lancheros, Livia Stella
    400 10 Lancheros, Livia Stella Melo

    100 10 Smoot, Carl van den
    670 Inhoud, 1887:‡bt.p. (Carl van den Smoot)
    400 20 Van den Smoot, Carl

      [not also from Den Smoot, Carl van, since Den is a definite article following a prefix in Dutch]