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Examples in Voyager


Assign the same subject headings you would if the item were a book. If the item is “fictional” (i.e., a movie) and deals with an identifiable subject, assign headings with the subdivision $v Drama.

600 10 ‡a Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900 ‡v Drama. (for DVD Wild)

Most videos should get at least one form heading. For documentaries, the heading Documentary films is standard.

650 #0 ‡a Documentary films.

For movies, a combination of the following would usually suffice: feature films, short films, comedy films, historical films, biographical films, video recordings for the hearing impaired.

650 #0 ‡a Video recordings for the hearing impaired.
650 #0 ‡a Feature films.
650 #0 ‡a Romantic comedy films.

Note: Do not assign a heading such as Motion pictures, French or Motion pictures$zFrance to a motion picture produced in France; these are subject headings, not form headings. Similarly, do not assign the heading Foreign films; this, too, is a subject heading.