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Printouts of PDF files pre-printed and bound by Wert

These publications have been printed from the Web by Wert and then bound by them and sent to us.  These volumes are usually monographs and may be difficult to identify. When you are aware that you are cataloging a publication which we have acquired in this way, check to see if we also have electronic access. Sometimes the work is no longer accessible online after it has been printed, but often we do still have access. Determining this will require a Google search, probably using the title of the work.

Do not spend too much time trying to find the online access; if you can’t find it quickly, assume we don’t have access.

  • If you find that we do not have online access, catalog the work as a regular print volume and add the following note:
500 Acquired as a PDF and printed |5 NjP
  • If you find that we do still have access to the electronic version of the work, add the above 500 note, an 856 field with the URL, the 530 note below and an elf mfhd with the 852 shown below.

530 Also available in electronic version.

852 8 |b elf1 |h Electronic Resource